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423.Sissi-Elizabeth Vaun(non-registered)
Chad and looked and looked and looked and loved your work!!! Truly a treat! Thank you!
392.Corrine Peck(non-registered)
I love the picture of the field of sunflowers and the picture of the tree on the hill surrounded by blue.
Your work is fabulous and I hope to some day meet you in person and hear you sing.
288.Cristina Fernandez(non-registered)
nice site, great images
30.Kimberly AK Mele(non-registered)
Only looked at about a dozen pictures; phenomenal work! You have a gifted eye! Wish I could sit here all day. Beauty and joy is what I feel! Thanks!
20.Rick Tyrseck(non-registered)
Love the diversity of the images you see. Quite an open mind in capturing beautiful light!
18.Cindy O'Neil(non-registered)
Gorgeous photos. The colors are so vibrant, but I still don't miss all that snow. LOL
15.Michael Canning(non-registered)
Wonderful images especially nature in the fall. Love the snow scenes too.
13.Ingrid Sidoti(non-registered)
Katherine, you have some breath taking photos. Absolutely beautiful.
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